Emergency Numbers in Panama

Emergency services in Panama: the numbers to call for Fire, Police and Ambulance...

National Police (Policía Nacional de Panamá) Tel: 104
Fire (Bomberos) Tel: 103
Ambulance (Ambulancia) Tel: 911
Tourist Police (Policía de Turismo) Tel: 511 9260
Civil Defence (Protección Civil - SINAPROC) Tel: 512 6190 / 316 3200
Crime Victim Assistance Programme (Oficina de Asistencia a Víctimas de Crímenes) Tel: 262 1973 / 512 2222
National Tourism Authority Hotline Tel: 178
Directory Enquiries Tel: 102
Private Ambulance Services

The 911 call center provides an ambulance service, however public ambulances might not always be available and with traffic jams and poor road conditions, they might take too long to be of use. There are also private ambulance services people can use:

  • Alerta SA, Tel: 263 4522
  • SEMM: Panama City, Tel: 366 0100 and Colón, Tel: 474 1600
  • Emi, Tel: 236 6060
  • Vive, Tel: 279 3100
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